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LIVE Streaming - The Content Needs

How do you create content that consistently engages your audience?

Course Summary

In this course we concentrate on the main ingredient to any successful LIVE Stream - and that is the content. How can you capture worship in a way that people participate rather than spectate? How can you work with your pastor to maximize his effectiveness in terms of broadcasting?

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Your Instructor

Graeme Spencer

Graeme Spencer has been a pioneer in Christian Media for over 25 years. He has a detailed knowledge of the production process, content creation and the technical requirements needed to undertake any media project. He has a strategic mind and also understands how sustainability needs to be a critical part of any media ministry. Graeme has launched Media Mentoring as a way of imparting the lessons he has learned on the way to become one of the most recognised Christian Media professionals to all those who want to grow in this area.

Jeffrey A. Levinson

Media Specialist

Graeme Spencer easily transfers his knowledge and confidence in and to those he works with. It has always been so and I have observed this for some 16 years in Christian broadcast media. I have a can do attitude, when it comes to production simply because from early on I just watched him and was able to internalize his skillset, to mine.

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