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Graeme Spencer has been a pioneer in Christian Media for over 25 years. This blog will impart to you the lessons he has learned on the way to become one of the most recognised Christian Media professionals. Articles will focus on issues including: Production Quality; Equipment choices; Content creation; Audience Engagement; Team work and Personal Growth.

These "Lessons" will be valuable to you whatever level your experience is at.

Graeme Spencer

There is an increasing move towards going wireless in almost every production situation - but is that the best or most stable solution?

Graeme Spencer

There can be a strong argument for pre-recording rather than live streaming your weekly service - read more to explore the pros and cons of ...

Graeme Spencer

Great lighting and poor cameras will give you a better quality of picture than great cameras and poor lighting - upgrade you lighting as a ...

Graeme Spencer

Does the age old phrase "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" apply to Live Streaming set ups? Read on to learn what I think.

Graeme Spencer

Have you established a live streaming set up? do you want to improve the quality? these 3 tips will help you make immediate improvements.

Graeme Spencer

This article will walk you through all you need to consider when you decide to go from a single camera to a multi camera set up.

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