Welcome to "Lessons Learned" our Media Mentoring Blog

Graeme Spencer has been a pioneer in Christian Media for over 25 years. This blog will impart to you the lessons he has learned on the way to become one of the most recognised Christian Media professionals. Articles will focus on issues including: Production Quality; Equipment choices; Content creation; Audience Engagement; Team work and Personal Growth.

These "Lessons" will be valuable to you whatever level your experience is at.

Graeme Spencer

Unleash the Power of Church Multimedia! Discover creative ways to tell your church's story through videos, audio and stunning visuals.

Graeme Spencer

Find the ideal PTZ camera for church live streaming with this expert guide. And learn how to utilise them to enhance your worship ...

Graeme Spencer

Unleash the power of digital ministry with these 5 proven strategies. Engage your congregation, reach new people & transform your community.

Graeme Spencer

Explore the impact subpar church sound has on your live stream. And discover how to improve this critical area of your church production.

Graeme Spencer

Discover practical tips and insights to help unlock the power of Church AV technology and create a more engaging church experience.

Graeme Spencer

The demand for quality audio visual for churches has become a key priority. There are four essential considerations you need to consider.

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